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Advice Services Coventry (ASC)

Providing accessible advice & information services for the people in Coventry

This site is a directory to help you find details of how to get advice in Coventry

At some time most of us will have difficulties that involve the law and our rights. No-one teaches us how to deal with these problems or where to go to get advice. Circumstances will vary so it is important to get professional advice.

On this site you can find out about ASC and how to access information and support on your rights and entitlements. It will allow you to choose how, where, when and in what format you want to get advice.

All agencies on this site provide free independent and impartial advice. This website can not provide direct advice. Go to Advicenow for further information on the law in England and Wales.

Our 'useful links' tab has information on other organisations that may be able to help you with your problems.