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Housing voice - Inquiry into the affordable homes Crisis


Recent independent polling commissioned by Housing Voice found that affordable housing is in fact a greater concern for families than either education or crime. Our survey also found that 71% think the Coalition Government is either giving ‘none’ or ‘not much’ attention to affordable housing, and that the public do not see this issue as a high priority for politicians.

Provision of decent and affordable housing is a pre-requisite for health and wellbeing and a hallmark of a civilised society. Housing Voice wants to find out about the problems people are facing and is conducting a National Inquiry into the Affordable Homes Crisis. Housing Voice will be travelling across the country to hear the “voices” of civil society and to gather evidence on the issues and solutions required to ensure affordable housing is available and accessible to those in need. To find out more about our oral evidence sessions, when and where they are and how to take part see