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What is social Policy?

Members of Advice Services Coventry don’t just give information and Advice but also campaign for change on issues that may be affecting lots of people.

Advice Services Coventry collects evidence on clients’ problems.

This evidence is used to campaign for change on local and national policies and services.

We have a key role in speaking up for people, raising issues brought into our advice services, contributing to public debate and informing legislation.Our policy/campaign work covers a huge range of issues including consumer, debt, housing, benefits, immigration, employment, legal matters and health. We work with policymakers, regulators, MPs, Assembly Members and service providers. If you think your issue could be affecting lots of people, please use the capaigning issues tab at the top of the screen to tell us your story.  

You can help us by allowing us to use your story as evidence so that we can ask the people responsible for these problems to make changes.


By allowing us to use your story we can help many more people who haven’t come to us for information or advice.


We can work with other agencies in the City and nationally to request changes where people are suffering through unfair practices and policies.