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No ESA for claiments to who want to appeal

Employment and support allowance claimants who want to appeal against a decision they are capable of work will be forced to claim jobseekers allowance or go without benefits, possibly for many months, under a clause in the welfare reform bill currently going through parliament.  Astonishingly, the government is already consulting on whether their harsh changes to the appeals procedure go far enough.  We are urging readers to respond.

Currently, claimants who are found fit for work can continue to receive ESA at the assessment rate by immediately lodging an appeal if they think the decision is wrong.  ESA will then remain in payment until the appeal is decided.

That is all set to change, however, under clause 99 of the welfare reform bill.

Coventry West Credit Union New Service


Coventry West Credit Union (CWCU) can pay your rent directly to your landlord.

Rent is always appropriated to pay the landlord and will not be taken by the credit union for other purposes.

CWCU processes rent to landlords by Bank Transfer, any benefit left over remains in your savings account and can be withdrawn without notice, a minimum of £1 must be left in the account at all time to keep the account open.

This is a 60 day notice account.  Once Housing Benefit has arrived into your credit union account, 60 days notice to change payment details or rent or landlord must be given.

Non-members need to join the credit union to be able to join this scheme.

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